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$upercharge your content

A 6-week fast-track program for online business owners who want to sign their highest-paying dream clients on repeat straight from their content.

It's time to supercharge your content and 3X your sales

Aspiring multi 6-fig CEOs,
You’re tired of feeling like you need to prove your worth and want to sign higher paying ready-to-buy clients who match your energy straight through your content without relying on DM nurture or sales calls.


  • Posting one story and immediately landing a new client that pays you $5000 in full.

  • Selling a spot for your 1:1 to someone who just started following you that same day.

  • Getting “I’m in!” notifications whilst you’re grocery shopping without ever jumping on a sales call.

This will be your reality once you start treating your content as a powerful sales asset which I teach you inside $upercharge your content.

It's time to partner up with me for 6 weeks to $upercharge your content & skyrocket your sales in Q2!

Daily support from Jennifer in a group to help you take your content from "okay" to attracting inquiries from your highest-paying perfect match clients consistently!

BONUS 45-minute 1:1 call and content audit from Jennifer valued at $500!

Powerful weekly live content trainings with actionable frameworks you can implement straight into your content to sign on clients.

Online modules breaking down the exact content strategy and marketing secrets that have sold out my high-ticket offers on repeat.

BONUS Striking Stories - Minicourse on how to design captivating IG stories based on sales psychology.

Inside this 6-week live program, we will take your content to its highest sales performance ever so that you can walk away with new clients signed and more money in the bank.

You will be working closely with me to craft unique feed posts and Instagram stories intentionally designed to turn your audience into paying clients faster and with more ease.

Online coach, educator or service provider who is ready to master high-converting content to sign your best-paying clients, this program is for you!! Let's make Q2 YOUR highest cash months yet!


$upercharge your content

Limited number of spots:
Join for just 
 (save $400)

Starting May 1st

If you're an EU resident sales tax will be added at checkout

What my clients are saying!


$upercharge your content

For a limited time only:
Join for just 
! (save $400)

Starting May 1st

If you're an EU resident sales tax will be added at checkout

Let's blow up your business!

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