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The Stockholm CEO Accelerator 2024

Peak Potential

17th Jan 2024

In-Person Event Stockholm

Get ready for a game-changing day in Stockholm! This in-person group coaching experience is designed for ambitious personal brands, coaches, and service providers who are determined to level up and show up at their highest potential in 2024. 

with Jennifer Olsson & Rebecca Haydon

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>>> Right now you feel like you’re just on the cusp of your next level but too close to your own business to pinpoint the missing pieces. We’ll help you see clearly.

>>> You're making sales but your potential is so much bigger and you know you could sell and achieve even bigger results. 

>>> You don't settle for normal. You're a change maker and bold moves are your mantra for 2024. So you're ready to stop making excuses. 


It's time to step up as the trailblazing CEO you are meant to be and play at a level you once couldn't even dream of.

In this dynamic, one-day event, we’ll take a deep dive into your business. Our goal? To pinpoint exactly where you're holding back, identify your unique blindspots and unlock the potential you haven't yet tapped into.

Not only will we focus on practical and bespoke strategies to rapidly grow your business but we will deep dive into your mindset and calibrate it and your actions to the heights you're meant to play at in 2024 - a true game changer.

You will walk away with:

>>> A personalized plan to grow your income and take your brand to the next level in 2024. We'll break it down into clear, actionable steps, ready for you to put into action immediately.

>>> A transformed perspective: where once there was fear or perceived limitations, you'll now see opportunities and potential. This mindset will empower you to push boundaries and achieve more than you thought possible.

Meet your hosts


Rebecca Haydon


Mindset and business coach specializing in subconscious reprogramming, identity work, and effective business strategies for rapid growth. Rebecca will be flying in from the UK for this event and is so excited to meet you in Stockholm.


Jennifer Olsson 


Business coach and marketing expert helping industry leaders transform their business results and increase their sales through potent marketing that captivates and sells.

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Location and details:


This event will be held in English and spots are very limited

Location: Central Stockholm, Sweden 
Date: 17th of January
Time: 10 am - 4:30 pm followed by cocktails and dinner
Investment: $349 + VAT (moms) for EU citizens

Coaching, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks are included

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