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For personal brands and service-based entrepreneurs
>>> Grow your business and sign consistent clients with potent marketing.

Unlock the secret to growing your Income & Impact

Join a select group of aspiring industry leaders in this high-touch consulting program designed to transform your sales by strengthening your positioning, creating a repeatable sales strategy, developing your marketing efforts and offers, building authority, and creating potent content that captivates and sells.

The Advisory Room is a hands-on consulting space uniquely tailored for growing personal brands and service-based entrepreneurs ready to sign consistent high-paying clients through their marketing and grow their businesses.

As a member of The Advisory Room, you will gain exclusive entry into our consulting house through a private, members-only program that offers a unique hybrid of group and private consulting. This is your opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded founders and aspiring industry leaders whilst strengthening your marketing and strategies to increase revenue.

Intentional Strategy, Potent Marketing, and Repeatable Results

What to expect:







A consistent flow of ideal clients who are ready to invest straight from your marketing.

The ability to raise your rates without objections or lengthy sales processes/calls.

Trust in your marketing strategies, knowing they are effective, scalable, and easy to repeat.

Strong messaging and potent content that calls in the right people and sells your offers for you. 

Consistently growing your business with increased revenue, in-demand offers, and strategies that support your long-term goals.

Becoming an in-demand authority in your niche


You are ready to step into a space where your marketing works as hard as you do

Program Structure:


Unlike traditional programs that follow a rigid curriculum, The Advisory Room adopts a more flexible and personalized approach. We understand that each business has its own set of challenges, strengths, and goals. Therefore, our focus is on providing real-time, hands-on consulting that responds to your immediate needs while also addressing your long-term growth and scalability.

Your Admission To The Advisory Room Includes:







Monthly private consulting calls with our founder and marketing expert Jennifer. 

Bi-weekly group calls to support your implementation and execution.

Real-time consulting support Monday to Thursday through a private Slack channel to support your immediate needs.

Exclusive expert-led workshops to further your learning and business growth.

A community of like-minded and committed founders.

Our Marketing Approach:

We believe, that great marketing is intentional and high converting. Meaning it does not just support your sales process but is strategically crafted to do the heavy lifting for you. Our most successful clients aren't just looking for quick wins, but are committed to building long-term sustainable growth so that they can achieve their biggest goals and sustain them. 

Although our support is tailored, we typically cover areas such as:

These are some of the areas that serve as guiding pillars in our consulting process, ensuring that we maintain a holistic approach to your business growth and marketing needs.


Program Commitment:

The Advisory Room operates on a minimum commitment of three months. This period allows us to dive deep into your business, understand your unique needs, and create tailored marketing strategies that lead to tangible results. It gives you the time to implement the strategies, see the effects, and make necessary adjustments with our guidance. Although the commitment is for three months, the program is designed to offer ongoing support, allowing you to continue benefiting from the collective wisdom of the community and the experienced consultants.

The investment to join The Advisory Room

The Advisory Room extends exclusive access to an expert marketing consultant, specialist, tailored marketing strategies, and invaluable resources - a transformative experience designed for serious entrepreneurs.


The investment for this expert-led guidance is currently at $1555 per month, with a minimum commitment of three months.


For those ready to deepen their commitment and engage in a six-month journey of strategic growth, the investment is currently at $1300 per month.


Extended payment plans are available upon request.


This is your opportunity to secure continual expert marketing support to drive your business forward.

Apply for your place in The Advisory Room today.


We are now enrolling applicants for a July 2023 start-date or join the waitlist for the October 2023 cohort. 

Jennifer will step into the role of your private business and marketing consultant, dedicating her focus on elevating your business strategy. You'll collaborate closely with her, both in one-to-one and group settings, to identify existing gaps, formulate innovative strategies, and seamlessly implement them into your business framework. Her primary goal is to boost your revenues, pave the way for you to easily hit multi 6-figures, and ensure that you have the right strategies in place to sustain this level of success.



Meet your Head Consultant


Before joinings this program you should:





Be ready to take action and implement

Feel confident in your work and ability to support clients

Be committed to taking your business to a high income

Know that building a sustainable business requires consistent implementation over time

If this is you, we are excited to welcome you to apply to join the select group of visionary entrepreneurs inside our consulting house!

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